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Classification of vacuum pumps Jul 23, 2020

Classification of vacuum pumps

According to the working principle of vacuum pumps, vacuum pumps can basically be divided into two types, namely variable volume vacuum pumps and momentum transfer pumps.

The variable volume vacuum pump is a vacuum pump that uses the periodic change of the pump chamber volume to complete suction and exhaust to achieve the purpose of pumping. The gas is compressed before being discharged from the pump chamber.

Momentum transfer pumps (molecular vacuum pumps) rely on high-speed rotating blades or high-speed jets to transfer momentum to gas or gas molecules, so that the gas is continuously transferred from the pump inlet to the outlet. (Introduced in a separate paragraph)

Variable volume vacuum pumps are divided into: reciprocating type, rotary type (rotary vane type, slide valve type, liquid ring type, roots type, screw type, claw rotor type), and other types.