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Commonly used heat treatment methods for chains and timely treatment Sep 04, 2020

Commonly used heat treatment methods for chains and timely treatment

Common heat treatment methods for chains: annealing, normalizing, quenching, tempering, carburizing, nitriding, carbonitriding, and boronizing. The aging treatment has artificial aging treatment and natural aging treatment.

Annealing, heat the workpiece to 30-50 degrees above Ac3, after holding for a certain period of time, slowly cool down to 500 degrees in the furnace and cool in the space.

Normalizing is an operation in which steel parts are heated to above Ac3 or Acm, and then removed from the furnace after heat preservation and cooled in air.

Quenching, heating the steel to Ac3 or more than Ac1, and then rapidly cooling it in a cooling liquid such as water or oil after heat preservation, and an unstable structure has been obtained.

Tempering, the quenched steel is reheated to a temperature below Ac1, and then cooled to room temperature after heat preservation.

Natural aging treatment, the aging phenomenon that occurs when the workpiece is stored at room temperature or under natural conditions for a long time, is called natural aging treatment.

Artificial aging treatment uses the aging treatment I art of heating the workpiece to a higher temperature and performing aging treatment in a shorter time, which is called artificial aging treatment.