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Gear manufacturer's production process Aug 28, 2020

Gear manufacturer's production process

The production of gears is a product that needs to go through a special process. Are you curious about the specific process? Here, the editor of gear manufacturers will give you a brief introduction:

The gear of the dryer adopts unique heat treatment technology in the casting to increase the hardness of the ring gear, and improve the wear resistance and impact resistance of the product; secondly, the use of high-strength steel casting and the optimization of the rotary kiln ensure the long-term operation of the components Under the stability, prolong the service life of the product in the application process. Finally, increase the production scale of gears, invest in technical content, and carry out mass production of products with short construction period and high quality.

As a member of the transmission system, the big gear is naturally the source of noise, and the noise is transmitted by the natural frequency and the meshing frequency. If we want to reduce the noise as much as possible, then we need to buy a big gear.

Gear, its machining accuracy will naturally be higher than that of general large gears. The higher the machining accuracy, the lower the noise will naturally be. Although we can't completely remove the noise, this is definitely an important noise reduction method.