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Heat treatment of gears Nov 07, 2018

For mechanical parts, such as shaft parts, transmission parts, before processing, or after processing, some processing is required to adjust the internal structure, so in many cases, various treatments become indispensable for these parts. method.

Modulation processing and induction hardening are often used.

So what role do they have?

Rack modulation processing:

First, we will understand the modulation process, which combines quenching and high-temperature tempering. This treatment method is to adjust the hardness of the rack blank, mild and arbitrary treatment. This treatment is usually processed before machining. Some properties inside the rack blank are changed and then machined.

High frequency quenching of rack

The high-frequency quenching treatment is a hardening treatment on the surface of the rack. Generally, it is applied to carbon structural steels with a carbon content of more than 35%, such as 45%, 40Gr, etc., and the hardness of the general rack factory after high-frequency treatment. When the use requirement is met, it seems that the hardness after the preparation process is less than the hardness of the quenching treatment, but the knowledge of the induction hardening is directed to the tooth surface.