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How the engine and gearbox are connected Apr 16, 2020

How the engine and gearbox are connected

One is to hoist the engine first, and then the gearbox. The operator slowly aligns the positioning pins and the mandrel on the engine and the gearbox and puts them together. Then tighten the coupling bolts on the engine and gearbox. The assembly process is all aerial operations. Another is that the engine is still placed on the incoming shelves, or the engine is placed on a platform, and the gearbox is hoisted, or the same as the previous one, the operator slowly put the engine and gearbox together And tighten the bolts again. Now the more advanced AGV car assembly, put the engine and gearbox on their respective AGV car, because the AGV has been positioned, move the car by itself, put the engine and gearbox together, the operator directly hit the connecting bolt. The efficiency of this splicing is relatively high. However, due to the limitations of the trolley tooling, different engines and different gearboxes must have the same positioning characteristics, which places higher requirements on product design. Perhaps some small engines or gearboxes must take into account the characteristics of large engines and gearboxes in order to locate the requirements, which will have a certain impact on miniaturization and weight reduction.