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How to avoid worm gear wear of worm reducer Nov 07, 2018

To avoid worm gear wear, you must first know what the material of the worm gear is. The worm gear of the worm reducer generally uses tin bronze as the main material, and the worm adopts hard steel. The worm wheel and the worm constantly generate friction during the operation of the reducer, and the soft worm wheel will wear due to the action of the worm. The worm gear reducer wears slowly and usually does not reduce the service life of the reducer. If there is a fast wear rate, consider the selection, operation, material matching and lubrication of the worm gear reducer of the reducer. There is a problem.

In addition to avoid worm gear wear should also follow the following points:

1. Ensure the assembly quality of the worm gear reducer: When disassembling and installing the components, try to avoid knocking; when replacing the gears and worm gears, try to use the original accessories and replace them in pairs;

2. Regularly add mechanical lubricants and additives;

3. The worm gear reducer should be installed horizontally as much as possible;

4. Regularly check and repair all parts of the worm gear reducer to eliminate the fault. It is also necessary to understand the characteristics of the worm reducer and regular maintenance.