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How to check the pitch drive planetary gearbox of wind turbine? Apr 16, 2020

How to check the pitch drive planetary gearbox of wind turbine?

The inspection and maintenance of the pitch planetary gearbox of the wind turbine includes the inspection and maintenance of the components such as the pitch drive planetary reduction gearbox and pinion gears, the pitch motor, the pitch control cabinet and accessories. The details are as follows:

1. Pitch drive planetary gear reducer and pinion

Visual inspection

(1) Check whether the anti-corrosion coating on the surface of the planetary gear reducer has peeled off; if the planetary gear reducer needs maintenance, please ask the planetary gearbox manufacturer-SGR;

(2) Check whether the oil level mirror of the variable speed drive planetary transmission reducer is intact;

(3) Check the pinion surface for pitting, excessive wear and broken teeth.

Noise check

Manually pitch each blade to check the noise in the pitched planetary gearbox.

Clearance check

(1) Use a feeler gauge to check the meshing gap between the pitch gear and the pitch ring gear. The normal meshing gap is 0.3 ~ 0.9mm.

(2) Measurement method of backlash: first ensure that the tooth side of the pitch ring gear is fully meshed with the tooth surface of the tooth surface, and then use a feeler gauge to measure the minimum meshing clearance between the other side of the pinion gear and the pitch ring gear.

Planetary reducer / wheel

Torque check of the hub mounting bolts Check the pitch head / hub mounting bolts with the specified torque, and check the torque value according to the design requirements.

Torque check of mounting bolts for planetary reducer / hub

Check the pitch head / hub mounting bolts with the specified torque, and check the torque value according to the design requirements.

an examination

Oil level of planetary reducer. Check whether the oil level of the planetary reducer is normal (the oil level should be in the middle of the observation window). If the oil level is low, check the pitch planet gear oil for leaks and replenish the oil. After the maintenance work and refueling work are completed, the planetary reducer is cleaned up;

Note: When refueling or checking the oil level, the planetary reducer should be set at 6 o'clock.

Replenishment and replacement procedures of planetary reduction gearbox lubricants (the process of adding lubricating oil for variable pitch planetary gearbox reducers is the same, the main difference is that the position of the oil filler opening and sealing form of the heavy vertical planetary gearbox are slightly different):

Note: To prevent foreign objects from falling into the planetary reducer when filling lubricating oil, the oil should be drained under heating. When the ambient temperature is too low, a certain amount of preheated new oil should be added to the planetary reducer.

(1) Remove the grease and oil around the nozzle with a towel;

(2) Unscrew the fuel plug and place it on a clean towel;

(3) Put the engine oil down the nozzle into the planetary gear set (because the fuel nozzle is small, you can use a large clean cylinder to refuel as a fueling tool), and observe the oil level on the oil side through the mirror surface;

(4) When the oil level is close to the normal oil level, stop refueling (can be used in the normal oil level mark with a mark);

(5) Clean the fuel plug and tighten it to the fuel nozzle, tighten;

(6) Run the planetary reducer for 5 minutes, and observe whether there is air leakage at the fuel nozzle (if any);

(7) Stop the planetary gear set and observe the oil level again. If the oil level reaches the normal end point of the refueling operation, if the requirements of steps (2) to (6) are not met, until the oil level meets the requirements.

(8) If you change the oil, you can change the planetary gearbox of lubricating oil at 10 o'clock or 2 o'clock, place the empty container under the planetary gearbox oil plug, unscrew the fuel plug, and let the oil pour in Inside the container. After the oil flow is completed, wipe the fuel nozzle and its surroundings with a towel to refuel. (1) – (7) When the planetary reduction gear box is turned back to the 6 o'clock position to complete the replenishment of lubricating oil.

2, Pitch drive gear motor inspection and maintenance

(1) Check whether the anti-corrosion coating on the surface of the pitch drive reducing motor has the phenomenon of peeling off, if it is necessary, repair, please contact planetary gearbox manufacturer-SGR;

(2) Check the appearance and fixation of the pitch-reducing motor cable, if the cable is damaged or fixed loosening situation must be dealt with immediately;

(3) manually for each blade pitch, check the pitch drive planetary reduction gear motor for the presence of noise;

(4) Check the pitch drive planetary gear motor / variable pitch reducer mounting bolts.

3, accessories inspection

(1) whether the limit switch is intact, fixed is solid;

(2) whether the proximity switch is intact;

(3) the proximity switch and the distance between the sensor is appropriate (3-5mm);

(4) check the limit working position and proximity switch at the sensor mounting bolts are solid;

(5) Check the limit working position and the proximity switch whether the sensor piece deformation (bending angle of approximately 90 degrees is normal).

4, the pitch control cabinet inspection

(1) Check whether the triangular bracket fixing circlip is intact;

(2) check the connection cable insulation is aging, damaged;

(3) Check the pitch control cabinet / hub mounting bolts with the specified torque;

(4) check the elastic support is aging or cracks, if the above-mentioned circumstances, must be replaced immediately.

(5) open the pitch control cabinet, visual electrical components are obvious device burned and fixed line is not strong and other issues. If there are problems, timely find, analyze the reasons and timely processing and records.

(6) Use hexagon socket wrench or wrench to tighten the line card of the cable protection sleeve between the cabinet to ensure that there is no looseness and avoid the wear of the cable and the cable protection sleeve. If there is a problem with cable shaking , it must be secured with a cable tie. Check the fixing of the wiring plug on the back of the pitch control cabinet.

(7) Check the pitch of the planetary reducer motor power cord, encoder wire, brake wire fixed to ensure that no banding with the phenomenon of falling off to ensure that no loose wiring to ensure that the first Gulan no loosening.