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Rack drive considerations Nov 07, 2018

For the rack and pinion drive that starts the transmission and has the impact load, the following aspects should be noted:

1. It is best to design the displacement gear, and it is the negative displacement gear. The negative displacement will help to improve the bending strength of the root and help improve the impact resistance of the gear.

2, the heat treatment hardness of the tooth surface is not too hard, HRC30~HRC35 can be, the tooth surface is too hard, the wheel tooth crack will occur under the impact load

3. The quenching depth of the tooth surface is not too deep, generally 1/5m~1/10m (m: modulus). It is necessary to keep the core material with sufficient toughness to buffer the external impact load.

4. Under the premise of the structure, the modulus m should be slightly larger, which is especially important for the start of the transmission with impact load.

5, the design speed is not too high

6. The structure must have sufficient impact resistance and sufficient rigidity to ensure the running of the rack and pinion.

7. The selection of the bearing is recommended to select the sliding bearing. Do not choose the rolling bearing. The sliding bearing can have good impact resistance, but the sliding bearing should be well lubricated.