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The development of my country's chain industry continues to grow Sep 04, 2020

The development of my country's chain industry continues to grow

The promulgation of a series of national policies to benefit farmers will surely promote the development of modern agricultural machinery such as harvesting machinery and large and medium-sized tractors. It is expected that the demand for transmission chains for agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry will be large.

With the improvement of people’s living standards, the ownership of motorcycles and automobiles continues to increase, and the development potential of parking equipment and food and beverage industries is huge, which makes the demand for motorcycle chains

Moderate growth can still be maintained, and the automotive chain market has a huge space. Stainless steel chains and non-standard shaped chains used in grain, oil, food, beverage and other industries will become the new economic growth point of the industry;

After the regulation, the metallurgical, mining, cement, construction machinery and other industries will be further revitalized. Therefore, they will be used in mining, petroleum, electric power, cement, metallurgy, construction machinery and other industries with higher added value.

The demand for conveyor chains and large-size chains will continue to rise.