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The main purpose of air compressor (air compressor) Jul 06, 2020

The main purpose of air compressor (air compressor)


a. Traditional aerodynamics: pneumatic tools, rock drills, pneumatic picks, pneumatic wrenches, pneumatic sandblasting

b. Instrument control and automation devices, such as tool change in the machining center.

c. Vehicle braking, doors and windows opening and closing

d. Use compressed air to blow the weft yarn in the air-jet loom instead of the shuttle

e. Food, pharmaceutical industry, use compressed air to stir slurry

f. Start of large marine diesel engine

g. Wind tunnel experiment, underground passage ventilation, metal smelting

h. Oil well fracturing

i. Coal mining with high pressure air blasting

j. Weapon system, missile launch, torpedo launch

k. Submarine sinking and floating, shipwreck salvage, submarine oil exploration, hovercraft

l Tire inflation

m, spray paint

n. Bottle blowing machine

o, Air separation industry

p. Industrial control power (drive cylinders, pneumatic components)

q. Produce high-pressure air for cooling and drying of processed parts