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Transmission terminology Jul 06, 2020

(1) Driving gear and driven gear. The input shaft is understood to be connected with the clutch and rotates under the engine drive. The gear fixed on the input shaft rotates synchronously with it. The gear is called the driving gear, and the gear connected with the output shaft is forced to turn, so it is called the driven gear.

(2) Transmission ratio I. The ratio of the tooth number of driven gear to the tooth number of driving gear is defined as the transmission ratio.

When the relationship between the number of teeth of driven gear and the number of teeth of driving gear changes, the change of transmission ratio I will affect the change of output shaft speed under the condition of constant engine speed, that is, the change of wheel speed. A pair of gears meshing with each other, the number of teeth in use will not change, so its transmission ratio is fixed. If the input shaft is equipped with a number of gears with different teeth and the corresponding number of teeth on the output shaft is also a change of gear meshing, then a set of transmission with different transmission ratio I can be obtained. Automobile transmission is based on this basic principle to achieve the shift speed.