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Vacuum pump unit application field Nov 07, 2018

The water ring pump selected by the vacuum pump unit becomes more advantageous as the front stage pump than other vacuum pumps, because it not only overcomes the limit pressure difference when the single water ring pump is used (the ultimate pressure of the unit is much larger than the limit pressure of the water ring pump). Improve), the disadvantage of low pumping rate under certain pressure, and at the same time retain the advantages that the Roots pump can work quickly and has a relatively large pumping rate.

It can adapt to the removal of a large amount of condensable steam, especially when the gas ballast mechanical vacuum pump is not capable of removing condensable steam, or the solvent used can deteriorate the pump oil and affect the performance, or the vacuum system does not allow oil contamination. More obvious. If equipped with explosion-proof motors and appliances and in accordance with the appropriate safety rules, it is also possible to remove flammable and explosive gases.

Therefore, the vacuum pump unit can be widely used in vacuum distillation, vacuum evaporation, dehydration crystallization, etc. in the chemical industry; freeze drying in the food industry; vacuum drying in the pharmaceutical industry; polyester slicing in the textile industry; high altitude simulation test, etc. The vacuum system is medium.