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Riduttore a perno centrale

The Center Pivot Gearbox is one of the key components commonly used in agricultural automation irrigation systems. It is used to drive and control the rotating arm in the central rotation irrigation system, ensuring smooth operation and efficient irrigation of the system.

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Center Pivot Gearbox Features

  • Superior Design: Independent tests have demonstrated that our gearbox design offers three times the lifespan compared to competing gearboxes.
  • Increased Torque Capacity: Our gearbox incorporates a bull gear that delivers 20% higher torque capacity, as verified by independent tests.
  • Durata: The gearbox is built to last, featuring a longer output shaft that increases clearance from mud and crops, reducing the risk of seal damage.
  • Reduced Bearing Loads: Specially designed offset rims ensure that the tire is positioned close to the gearbox, minimizing bearing loads and extending the lifespan.
  • Highest Load Rating: The input and output bearings are manufactured in the USA and case hardened, resulting in the industry’s highest load rating.
  • Extreme Condition Handling: The gearbox housing is constructed to withstand high-stress areas and operate reliably in extreme conditions.
  • Additional Load Capabilities: For extreme operating conditions or extended lifespan in less severe conditions, we offer a bronze bull gear option with a hardened steel worm, providing additional load capabilities.

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Why Choose Our Center Pivot Gearbox?

Riduttore a perno centrale

  1. Stainless steel diaphragm covers provide years of corrosion-free service life.
  2. The industry’s largest input bearing provides over 55% of the load capacity for larger tires and faster rotation times today.
  3. New polished high torque worm gear with dual input shaft, no need to store left and right gears.
  4. The sealing protector can block pollutants and extend the sealing life.
  5. The unique rolling diaphragm design minimizes pressure accumulation during operation. Releasing negative pressure can prevent water and pollutants from being sucked into the gearbox.
  6. The centering ring serves as a load-bearing surface, reducing stress on the lug bolts and potential wheel damage.
  7. A large output shaft and flange with a diameter of 2 1/4 “, made of high-strength steel, used to handle tower loads.
  8. The cylindrical input and output seals adopt a multi lip design and precision ground polished sealing surfaces to eliminate oil leakage.
  9. The reinforced casing provides more materials in high stress areas, improving the overall strength of the gearbox. The multi bolt installation mode is suitable for most brands.
  10. The end cover is made of cast steel and can withstand the higher load of larger tires.
  11. The input shaft cover can prevent sealing and shaft damage.
  12. Non clogged drainage and filling plugs for easy maintenance.
  13. Large gears, designed for larger tooth contact, to achieve higher load-bearing capacity and longer service life.
  14. Dual input shafts allow universal installation at both ends of the tower base.

PTO Shaft for Agricultural Gearbox 

We also provide the PTO shaft, which is often used with the agricultural gearbox. If you need it, you can contact us to buy it. Click the picture below to learn more about the Albero cardanico

albero cardanico per cambio rasaerba