CNC Machine Lathe

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CNC Grinding Machines

hob relieving lathe
Hob Relieving Lathe
grinding wheel dressing machine
Grinding Wheel Dressing Machine
CNC hob sharpening machine
CNC Hob Sharpening Machine
CNC hob relieving grinding machine
CNC Hob Relieving Grinding Machine
CNC gear forming grinding machine
CNC Gear Forming Grinding Machine
CNC worm grinding machine
CNC Worm Grinding Machine

CNC Hobbing Machines

TN-100 cnc hobbing machine

TN-100 CNC 7 Axis Hobbing Machine

TN-350 cnc hobbing machine

TN-350 CNC 6 Axis Hobbing Machine

TN-500 cnc hobbing machine

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CNC Milling Machine

cnc milling Machine

XK6042 CNC Knee type Milling Machine

cnc milling Machine

Universal Rotary Head Milling Machine

cnc milling Machine3

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CNC Drilling and Tapping Machines

t700a cnc drilling machine

T600A High Speed CNC Drilling Machine

t600l cnc drilling machine

T600L CNC Drilling Machine 

850a cnc drilling machine

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CNC Machine Tools with Different Structures

Vertical machining center

Vertical CNC Machining Center

horizontal machining center

Horizontal Machining Center

double column machining center1

Double Column Machining Center




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CNC Machines

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cnc machine lathe manufactory
cnc machine

CNC Machine Tool Definition

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine tool, also known as computer numerical control machine tool, is a precision machining equipment that operates and controls the motion trajectory, speed, feed rate and other parameters of mechanical components through pre programmed instructions. Its working principle is based on computer software to convert the geometric information in the design drawings into a series of numerical code instructions. These instructions are sent to the various execution mechanisms of the machine tool through the controller, accurately driving the spindle rotation, tool movement and other actions, achieving various complex mechanical processing such as cutting, drilling, milling, and grinding of workpiece materials.

Improving production efficiency
CNC machine tools can achieve continuous and unmanned 24-hour uninterrupted operation, greatly improving production efficiency and output.

Ensure machining accuracy

Compared to traditional machine tools, CNC machine tools can complete the machining of complex shaped parts with micrometer level accuracy, ensuring the consistency and quality stability of the components.

Strong adaptability

Simply change the program to quickly switch between different product types and process requirements, meeting the flexible production needs of small batches and multiple varieties

Reducing manual errors

Almost eliminating errors caused by human operations, effectively reducing scrap rates and repair costs.

High degree of intelligence

Combined with the concept of intelligent manufacturing, CNC machine tools can be integrated into automated production lines to achieve resource optimization and real-time status monitoring.

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