Counterweight Hydraulic Cylinder for Crane

counterweight hydraulic cylinder is a crucial part of the crane system, which helps improve the stability, operational accuracy, and safety of the crane.

What is the role of Counterweight Hydraulic Cylinder on a Crane?

In cranes, the Counterweig ht Hydraulic Cylinder plays an important role. The main functions include:

  1. Balancing crane load: The counterweight hydraulic cylinder helps balance the load of the crane by moving the counterweight. It can maintain the stability of the crane and prevent it from tilting or overturning due to excessive load.
  2. Dynamic adjustment balance: During the lifting process, the position and weight of the load may change. The counterweight hydraulic cylinder can dynamically move the counterweight to adapt to these changes and maintain the balance of the crane.
  3. Improving operational accuracy: By precisely controlling the counterweight hydraulic cylinder, operators can more accurately control the movement and position of the crane. This is particularly important for tasks that require precise operation, such as building or bridge construction.
  4. Improving safety: By preventing the crane from tilting or overturning, the counterweight hydraulic cylinder improves the safety of the operation. This is very important for protecting workers and equipment, and preventing accidents from happening.

    Counterweight Hydraulic Cylinder for Crane

Overall, the counterweight hydraulic cylinder is a crucial part of the crane system, which helps improve the stability, operational accuracy, and safety of the crane.

Counterweight Hydraulic Cylinder for Crane Counterweight Hydraulic Cylinder for Crane


Numero di disegno Diametro del foro (D) Diametro dell'asta (d) Ictus (S) Distanza di installazione (L) Pressione di lavoro Dimensioni dell'interfaccia (M) Peso
QAY220.12/13A-00 Φ200 Φ100 180 530 25MPa;40MPa 3-G1/4;M20*1.5;2-M14*1.5 124kg

What is the Difference Between Counterweight Hydraulic Cylinder and other Hydraulic Cylinders?

The Counterweight Hydraulic Cylinder has some differences in structure and other aspects compared to other hydraulic cylinders. Here are some main differences:

  • Structural design: Heavy hydraulic cylinders typically have more complex structural designs to meet specific application requirements. They usually include a larger volume to carry additional weight or load, used to balance or stabilize the movement of equipment. In contrast, other hydraulic cylinders may have simpler designs that focus on providing thrust or tension.
  • Carrying capacity: Heavy hydraulic cylinders are usually designed to handle large loads and weights. They need to have sufficient strength and load-bearing capacity to cope with additional weight or loads. Other hydraulic cylinders may be suitable for lighter loads or more general applications.
  • Motion control: Due to the use of heavy hydraulic cylinders for balancing or stabilizing the movement of equipment, their motion control may require higher accuracy and stability. This may include more precise position control and faster response time. Other hydraulic cylinders may have more simplified requirements for motion control.
  • Size and weight: Due to the need for heavy hydraulic cylinders to handle larger loads and weights, they are usually larger and heavier than other hydraulic cylinders. This also involves larger working stroke and larger hydraulic cylinder volume.

It should be noted that these differences may not apply to all situations. Different applications may have different engineering and design requirements, so the specific differences in hydraulic cylinders may vary. When selecting hydraulic cylinders, the most suitable type and design should be determined based on the specific application requirements and technical specifications.

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