S864F3-K443 Bucket Elevator Conveyor Chain

S864F3-K443 Bucket Elevator Conveyor Chain

The Bucket Elevator Conveyor Chain is a type of conveyor chain that is used to vertically lift and transport materials in various industries.


The Bucket Elevator Conveyor Chain is used in situations where materials need to be transported vertically. The chain is made up of bucket attachments that are fixed to a chain or belt. These buckets carry the materials up the elevator and then release them at the top. Here is an image of the chain:

Here is a table showing the technical specifications of the S864F3-K443 Bucket Elevator Conveyor Chain:

Working Principle

The working principle of the Bucket Elevator Conveyor Chain involves four stages:

1. Loading Stage

In this stage, the buckets on the chain are filled with materials in the bottom feeding area. This can be done through gravity, vibration or other auxiliary devices.

2. Vertical Lifting Stage

Once the chain is activated, it starts to move and lifts the buckets vertically. The chain's movement causes the buckets to move along the vertical or near-vertical track.

3. Discharging Stage

The top of the Bucket Elevator Conveyor Chain usually has a special structure called a "discharge port" or "flipper." When the full bucket reaches this point, it undergoes a specific design of guiding and flipping forces, causing it to dump or flip.

4. Continuous Cycle Operation

After the materials have been discharged, the empty buckets continue to move down with the chain until they reach the bottom feeding area, where the next loading cycle begins. Here is an image of a Continuous Bucket Elevator Conveyor Chain:


The Bucket Elevator Conveyor Chain has many applications, including:

1. Agriculture

The chain is used in the grain processing industry, such as wheat, corn, rice, and other grain's vertical lifting and transportation.

2. Grain Storage

In large grain warehouses, the chain is used to lift bulk grains from low areas to high storage tanks or warehouses.

3. Chemical Industry

The chain is used to transport powdered and granular chemical raw materials vertically in the chemical production process.

4. Construction Industry

In cement plants and sand and gravel yards, the chain is used to continuously and efficiently lift and transport materials such as sand, gravel, and cement clinker.

5. Food Industry

The chain is used in flour mills, feed mills and other places to lift and transport various types of powdered and granular food materials or finished products.

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