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Speed Reducer & Gearbox

Welcome to our gearboxes and speed reducers manufacturing factory! We specialize in producing a wide range of gearbox types to meet your specific needs. With our expertise and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, we can deliver high-quality gearboxes tailored to your requirements.

Whether you require cylindrical gearboxes for parallel shaft or right-angle applications, bevel gearboxes for power transmission and steering, or worm gearboxes for high reduction ratios and torque output, we have the capabilities to fulfill your demands. Our team of skilled engineers and technicians ensures precision and reliability in every gearbox we produce.

Catalogo dei prodotti

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worm gearbox

NMRV Series Worm Reducer(Aluminum)

wpa worm gearbox

WP Series Worm Reducer (Cast iron)

vf worm gearbox for car washing

VF Series Gearbox (for Car washing)

screw jack

SWL Series Screw Jack

Low Backlash Servo Worm Gearbox

Low Backlash Servo Worm Gearbox

Riduttore elicoidale

R/F/S/K Series Gearbox

R/F/S/K Series Gearbox

bkm gearbox

BKM Series Helical-hypoid Gear Units

jwg reducer

JWG Series Helical-worm Gear Units

rc series Helical-hypoid Gear Units

RC Series Helical gearbox

HB Series Helical gearbox

HB Series Helical Gearbox

Riduttore cilindrico

ZQ Series Cylindrical gearbox

ZQ Series Cylindrical Gearbox

Extruder Gearbox

Extruder Gearbox

ZY Series Parallel Shaft gearbox

ZY Series Parallel Shaft gearbox

BK Series Bucket Elevator Gearbox

BK Series Bucket Elevator Gearbox

DY Series Right Angle Gearboxes

DY Series Right Angle Gearbox

MBY/MBYX Series Edge Drive Mill Gearbox

MBY/MBYX Series Edge Drive Mill Gearbox

MC Series Gearbox

MC Series Gearbox

Riduttore montato su albero

ATA Series Shaft Mounted Gearbox

SMR Series Shaft Mounted Gearbox

ZJY Series Shaft Mounted Gearbox

Riduttore cicloidale

BL/XL Series

BW/XW Series

BLD/XLD Series

BWD/XWD Series

Riduttore planetario

High-precision planetary reducer

Tracked Winch Wheel Drive

Slewing Drive Wind Turbines


Choose Gearbox

Choosing the correct gearbox requires considering the following key factors:

  1. Speed and torque requirements: Determine the required output speed and torque range. This will help you determine the required reduction ratio and the rated torque capacity of the gearbox.
  2. Application environment: Consider the conditions of the working environment, such as temperature, humidity, corrosive substances, etc. Select a gearbox with appropriate sealing and protection level to ensure its reliable operation in the corresponding environment.
  3. Space limitations: Assess available space and ensure that the size of the selected gearbox is suitable for the installation location.
  4. Efficiency requirements: Consider the efficiency requirements of the transmission. Different types of gearboxes have different efficiency characteristics, such as parallel axis gearboxes typically having higher efficiency, while helical gearboxes may have lower efficiency.
  5. Noise and vibration: If noise and vibration control are crucial for the application, choose a gearbox with low noise and vibration characteristics.
  6. Maintenance and reliability: Understand the maintenance requirements and reliability records of the selected gearbox. Choose brands and models that have been validated and have good reliability.
  7. Budget: Determine the available budget range and select the most suitable gearbox within that range. Consider the balance between performance, quality, reliability, and cost.

Taking these factors into consideration, collaborating with gearbox manufacturers or suppliers can provide professional advice based on your needs and applications to help you choose the appropriate gearbox.




Experience the ultimate power and efficiency as our gearbox-motor combinations deliver optimal performance, smooth operation, and precise control. From parallel shaft gearboxes to bevel gearboxes and worm gearboxes, we have the perfect motor options to complement your specific gearbox requirements.

Our motors are engineered with cutting-edge technology, ensuring superior reliability, energy efficiency, and long-lasting performance. Whether you need high-speed motors for rapid acceleration or high-torque motors for heavy-duty applications, we have the right solution to meet your needs.