WH Series PTO Shaft Walterscheid Replacement WH2300 WH2400 WH2500 WH2600 Agricultural Tractor PTO Driveline

The PTO shaft we produce can perfectly replace the Walterscheid brand’s PTO shaft, because our PTO shaft has a very high level of quality, performance, and reliability.
Our produced PTO shaft can perfectly replace the Walterscheid brand PTO shaft, providing you with a more efficient, reliable, and durable PTO shaft solution. Whether you are a high-end tractor brand or an ordinary tractor brand, we can meet your needs.

WH Series PTO Shaft

The advantages of this Walter scheid PTO drive shaft are long service life, convenient use, and good safety performance. For decades, Walterscheid has been the guarantee of the highest quality. The size of the W series is suitable for powertrain tasks, from simple to complex. It left a deep impression on users with its sturdy design and high reliability for daily use. Another advantage is that all components in the PTO drive shaft WH series can be easily replaced to improve ease of use, or if spare parts are needed.

WH Series PTO Shaft

Size L(mm) Guard Tube A
WH2300 1130 SD15 0v QSGYoke 1 3/8” x 6
WH2300 1130 SD25 1b
WH2400 1130 SD25 1b
WH2400 1130 SD25 S4LH

WH Series PTO Shaft

Size L(mm) Guard Tube A
WH2500 1116 SD25 S4 ZK
WH2600 1107 SD35 S5H
WH2300 1125 SD15Z 1
WH2300 1125 SD25Z 2a
WH2400 1115 SD25Z 2a
WH2400 1115 SD25Z S5
WH2500 1101 SD25Z S5
WH2600 1077 SD35 S6

WH PTO Parts 

0v 1b S4LH  S4 S5H
1 2a S5 S6

PTO Shaft Adjustment for Tractor

Pay attention to the length of the PTO shaft when you first mount it. A PTO shaft that is too long will break the machine or the transmission of the tractor. A
PTO shaft that is too short will fall apart in the middle.
1. Mount the TrunkPump on the threepoint hitch of the tractor.
2. Lift the three point hitch so that the power intake shaft of the
TrunkPump is the same height as the PTO of the tractor. The PTO and the power intake should be closest to each other at that position. Turn off Tractor!
3. Measure the distance between the notch of the Tractor’s sixsplined shaft to the notch of the six splined shaft of the TrunkPump. This will be the longest possible compressed length of the PTO shaft.
4. Subtract two inches from this measurement. (e.g. If you measured 24 inches, you subtract 2 inches … 24” - 2” = 22”) This number will be the compressed length of the PTO shaft.
5. The compressed length of the shaft you purchased (if you purchased this from TrunkPump) is 27” inches “notch to notch.” Take 27 inches and subtract your answer from #4. The difference between the two is the amount you need to cut off the tip of the two parts of the PTO shaft. (e.g. In our example we have 27”  22” = 5” You would need to cut 5” inches off of both ends of the PTO shaft)
6. Be sure to cut both halves of your PTO shaft to the same length. Cut the guards to the same length as well. File sharp edges off the shaft tubes and guards so they can easily slide into one another.

Cutting the PTO Driveline

Determine the excess length of the transmission system

PTO shaft ends installed to mark overlapPTO shaft ends installed to mark overlap

Firstly, connect the implement to the 3-point linkage of the tractor. Adjusting the 3-point linkage for the PTO on the tractor
At the same height as the implement, the distance between them is minimized. Paste The two ends of the PTO are connected to the tractor and implement, and the PTO is divided into two parts . Adjust the direction of the axes so that they pass through each other as parallel as possible.

Marking the PTO to Cut

Using a straight edge, transfer a mark from the end of the tube section to the other section as shown here and in the manual that comes with the PTO. This line represents how much the shafts are too long to fit together. The manufacturer of the PTO shafts recommends adding 40mm (about an inch and a half) to the amount to cut off the plastic tube and the steel telescoping tube of each half of the PTO

mark overlap lengthmark overlap length

The overlap length is 150mm for this example. Add 40mm to that for our cutoff length. The amount to cut off is 190mm. This example is in metric because the instructions given by the manufacturer of the PTO are in metric

cut off length markedcut off length marked

Cutting the PTO

Cut the 190mm length of plastic tube on one of the shaft ends, leaving the steel shaft inside not cut.
Use the cut length of plastic tube to mark the remaining 3 cuts. Align the end of the tube with the end of the shaft.

align end of tube to end of shaftalign end of tube to end of shaft

Use the other end of the tube to mark the cut length on the steel shaft

use tube to mark the cut length to steel shaftuse tube to mark the cut length to steel shaft

Now the shaft is marked to cut the same length as the plastic tube

When cutting the steel shaft, clamp it in a vise using the discard end to clamp on. The type of saw could be abrasive cut-off, reciprocating with a fine tooth blade for metal, a powered band saw for metal or the common hacksaw shown here. Be careful and wear eye protection.

Repeat the process so that both shaft halves have had the same length removed. If your shaft has 3 points instead of the 2 shown here, look for the one with the flat - it is different than the other two. The ones with the flat must align or they will not fit together.

De-burr the PTO

When the cut is complete, there will be shavings and burrs that need to be removed.
Using a file, grinder, wire wheel, flap wheel, grinding disk or sandpaper, de-burr the shafts after you cut them.

Clean and Lubricate PTO

Before re-assembling the shafts, push a rag down into each shaft and then around the outside with something like a used hacksaw blade, then remove the rag to clear out the debris and shavings.

Now that both shaft halves are clean inside and out, wipe off that used hacksaw blade and spread some allpurpose grease into the inside of the bigger shaft. The smaller shaft will fit inside the bigger shaft. Spread it out so it does not just get pushed down to the end.

We not only provide pto shafts, but also provide related pto accessories, as well as gearboxes for use with pto shafts. We can provide you with solutions for all the agricultural machinery accessories you need to protect your agricultural machinery

Agricultural Gearboxes

Accessories of PTO Shaft

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Install the tractor perfectly

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Convenient and fast installation on a tractor. Additional bushings are indeed required to properly install the bracket.


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Only used a couple of times but it does what I purchased it for.


Solid and well shipped

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I contacted Mr. Shen from here, who is a very responsible person and recommended this quick hitch for me.

It works well on my compact Kubota tractor, with a 5-foot long Land Pride bush pig (with one or two cat bushes added). The unit arrived in good condition and the box was almost undamaged. No bent tabs or other issues.