P Series PTO Shaft Walterscheid Replacement P400 P500 P600 P700 Agricultural Tractor PTO Driveline

The PTO shaft we produce can perfectly replace the Walterscheid brand’s PTO shaft, because our PTO shaft has a very high level of quality, performance, and reliability.
Our produced PTO shaft can perfectly replace the Walterscheid brand PTO shaft, providing you with a more efficient, reliable, and durable PTO shaft solution. Whether you are a high-end tractor brand or an ordinary tractor brand, we can meet your needs.

P Series PTO Shaft

P Series PTO Shaft Walterscheid Replacement P400 P500 P600 P700 Agricultural Tractor PTO Driveline

Order Number Type Length(mm) Guard Tube A B
1113135 P400 1210 PG25Z 1bH/2a ZK Cross & bearing kit ZK Cross & bearing kit
1113136 P400 810 PG25 S4LH/S5
1113137 P400 1210 PG25Z S4LH/S5
1113138 P500 810 PG25 S4LH/S5
1113139 P500 1210 PG25Z S4LH/S5
1113140 P600 810 PG30 S5H/S6
1113141 P600 1210 PG30 S5H/S6
11131076** P700 810 PG30 S5H/S6
11131077** P700 1210 PG30 S5H/S6

 Tube size

1bH 2a S4LH S5 S5H S6

 Tube size

 Tube size  Tube size  Tube size  Tube size  Tube size

How do I Choose a PTO Shaft for My Tractor?

P Series PTO Shaft Walterscheid Replacement P400 P500 P600 P700 Agricultural Tractor PTO Driveline

The selection of PTO (power transmission shaft) shaft requires consideration of the following factors:
  • The power and type of tractor: The power capacity of the PTO shaft should match the power capacity of the tractor. Different types of tractors require different types of PTO shafts, for example, tracked tractors typically require larger PTO shafts to accommodate their larger power output.
  • Transmission efficiency of PTO shaft: Choosing a PTO shaft with high transmission efficiency can maximize the production efficiency of the tractor. The transmission efficiency is also related to the design and manufacturing quality of the PTO shaft.
  • Convenience of PTO shaft: Choosing a PTO shaft that is easy to install and maintain can improve usability. For example, some PTO shafts may require special tools or techniques to install or remove, while others are more convenient.
  • PTO shaft lifespan: Choosing a PTO shaft with a longer lifespan can extend the tractor's service life and reduce maintenance costs.
  • Based on the above factors, you can choose the PTO shaft that is suitable for your tractor. It is best to consult professional tractor maintenance personnel or manufacturers for more accurate advice.

Sizing a PTO Shaft

P Series PTO Shaft Walterscheid Replacement P400 P500 P600 P700 Agricultural Tractor PTO Driveline

Whether purchasing a new implement with a PTO shaft or replacing an old one, most PTO shafts will need to be cut to suit the length between your tractor and the implement you are using it for. This is a simple process that we have outlined in the steps below.

1. Attach the implement to your tractors 3 point linkage without the PTO shaft attached.

2.  To determine the length you need your PTO shaft to be, you need to measure the distance between the groove on your tractors PTO output shaft and the implements PTO output shaft.

3.  Once you have your measurement we normally recommend an additional 75mm be taken from the PTO shaft as a buffer and to allow for ease of hookup. If you do not have a buffer you have the potential of not allowing any movement and breaking the universal joints on the PTO shaft or damaging the implement or tractor.

4.  The easiest way to cut the PTO shaft to size is to pull it in half so you have the inner piece and the outer piece. There is no need to remove the plastic covers. In the example above we need to remove 275mm from the length, therefore we need to cut 275mm off both the plastic cover and 275mm off the steel tube on both the inner piece and the outer piece of the PTO shaft. Start by measuring the required amount on the plastic pto cover and mark with a texta then cut the excess off. Then measure the required amount from the steel tube and use a hacksaw or angle grinder to cut. Repeat for the other half of the PTO shaft.

5. You need to ensure that any burrs on the cutting end of the PTO shaft are removed to allow the PTO to slide correctly. We also recommend applying some grease to both sides of the PTO before reassembly. After reassembling the PTO shaft, it can be connected to the tractor and implement.

We not only provide pto shafts, but also provide related pto accessories, as well as gearboxes for use with pto shafts. We can provide you with solutions for all the agricultural machinery accessories you need to protect your agricultural machinery

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Accessories of PTO Shaft

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I contacted Mr. Shen from here, who is a very responsible person and recommended this quick hitch for me.

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