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Induction Motor

Induction Motor

Three phase induction motors have a very simple construction composed of a stator covered with electromagnets, and a rotor composed of conductors shorted at each end, arranged as a "squirrel cage".


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induction motor

Benefits of AC Induction Motors are:

Induction motors are simple and rugged in construction. They are more robust and can operate in any nvironmental condition

Induction motors are cheaper in cost due to simple rotor construction, absence of brushes, commutators, and slip rings

They are maintenance free motors unlike dc motors due to the absence of brushes, commutators and slip rings

Induction motors can be operated in polluted and explosive environments as they do not have brushes which can cause sparks

AC Induction motors are Asynchronous Machines meaning that the rotor does not turn at the exact same speed as the stator's rotating magnetic field. Some difference in the rotor and stator speed is necessary in order to create the induction into the rotor. The difference between the two is called the slip. Slip must be kept within an optimal range in order for the motor to operate efficiently. 

induction motor

Y2 series three-phase asynchronous motors, developed with new techniques, are renewed and upgrading products based on Y series motors.
Y2 series motors are in total-sealed design and fan cooled type , squirrel cage type and novel in design and nice in appearance, compact structure, lower noise, high efficiency, large torque, excellent starting performance, easy maintenance, etc…This series motors adopt F class insulation and designed as the insulation system assessing method in accordance of international practice.
Y2 series motors can be widely applied to various of driving equipments such as machine tools, blowers, pumps, gearboxes, compressors, transporters, agricultural machines and so on.
Ambient temperature:15℃≤≤40℃.Altitude :no higher than 1000 meters from seal level.
Rated voltage:380V. Rated frequency:50HZ,
Connection: Y connection is adopted for motors below 3KW (3KW included) and△connection is adopted for others above 4KW (4KW included ).Working ration:continuous working system(S1).
F class insulation, the temperature rising of the stator winding examined at 80K(by resistance method).
Protection grade: on the main body is IP54, on the terminal box can reach IP55. Cooling method: IC411.

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