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648/5000 How To Improve The Internal Gear Accuracy Of The Reducer Oct 16, 2019

How to improve the accuracy of reducer gear, mainly through the following three ways:

1. Improve the accuracy

In the current gear for the hard tooth surface gear reducer, in order to improve the machining accuracy, mainly, the use of grinding technology. In terms of surface roughness, in order to realize gear grinding process, a large number of equipment can be introduced, and the technical level of the equipment is also high. Among them, Germany hohler H400, or Germany and H800 forming mill, is part of the best choice. In the trial of advanced equipment, the accuracy of gear can be improved. Higher machining accuracy can improve the working stability. The increase of stationarity can reduce unnecessary vibration. The noise was reduced. Under the condition of design permission, the higher gear machining accuracy grade should be selected.

2. Improve roughness

Increase the surface roughness of the gear. Input gear parameters when gear grinding. After grinding, the precision of the gear is improved and the grade is increased to reach the level of grade 5 precision. When the machining accuracy is improved, the noise in gear meshing process is effectively reduced. The hard tooth surface gear is the gear characteristic. After grinding teeth, the surface roughness of the gear will be higher Ra0. 8. As the friction coefficient decreases, so does the noise. These two relations are in an approximate linear increase relationship n. In gears with different surface roughness, the noise level is about 4db. In order to ensure the repair edge and tooth requirements, to go through the gear testing center. In gear accuracy and gear direction, to meet the relevant standards. In general, after grinding the teeth, the surface roughness of the gear is increased and the noise is reduced.

3. Gear structure adjustment

According to the requirements of low noise, gear structure is also a key step in gear design. In the design, by increasing the tooth width of the gear, at the same time, reducing the pressure Angle of the gear pitch, trimming the chamfering Angle of the gear tooth top, under the comprehensive and reasonable choice, the gear displacement coefficient is realized, and the gear structure design is finally completed.