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About Engine Winter Maintenance Dec 27, 2019

About engine winter maintenance

At the beginning of the winter, I believe that many car owners have encountered these situations, such as the engine not starting and the engine stalling when shifting gears. So how can motivation prevent these problems?

The cold start of the engine is difficult, the main reason is that the engine temperature is too low, so as long as we keep the engine warm and prevent the biting cold wind from blowing directly into the engine compartment, we can avoid hitting the car. Therefore, when parking in winter, pay attention to the direction of the front of the vehicle, it is best to let the front of the vehicle face the building, use the building to block the wind, and prevent the engine from being overheated by the cold wind. When parking at night, you can point your car in the direction of the sun, so that the first rays of sunlight in the morning can hit the car and help the engine warm up, so it is much easier to get out of the car. Usually also go to designated service stations regularly to check and adjust. 3. The engine stalls when shifting gears.

When the engine is switched off, it may be because the idle speed at that time is too low, or the idle stop valve is not tightened, or the gear is too high and strangled, or there may be a severe blockage of the oil and gas separator. Basically, the first gear is used at the start. Check the idle stop valve to see if it is tightened and the plug is tight. At the same time, it is best to go to the designated service station to clean the oil and gas separator.

In addition, the fuel system fuel must be cleaned regularly. During the process of supplying fuel to the combustion chamber through the oil path, colloids and carbon deposits will inevitably be formed, which are deposited in the oil passage, carburetor, injectors and combustion chamber, disturbing the flow of fuel, destroying the normal air-fuel ratio, and fuel Poor atomization results in engine trembling, knocking, unstable idling, and poor acceleration. The BG208 fuel system is used to clean the fuel system with powerful and efficient cleaning agents to control the formation of carbon deposits, which can always keep the engine in an optimal state.

Choosing the right quality oil is also important for the maintenance of gasoline engines. The SD-SF grade gasoline engine oil should be selected according to the working principles and conditions of the intake and exhaust systems. For diesel engines, CB-CD grade diesel engine oil should be selected according to the mechanical load. Regardless of the gasoline engine or diesel engine, the selection standards are based on the requirements specified by the manufacturer.

Regularly changing the oil and oil filter element is also an important process for routine engine maintenance. The quality of any quality oil will change during use. After reaching a certain mileage, the wear of the parts will cause the engine to malfunction and reduce its performance. In order to avoid faults, you should regularly change the oil in combination with the mileage and make the oil amount moderate (generally, it is better to be slightly lower than the upper limit of the oil scale). When the oil passes through the pores of the filter, solid particles and viscous substances in the oil will accumulate in the filter. If the filter is clogged, when the oil cannot pass through the filter element, it will burst the filter element or open the safety valve and pass through the bypass valve, still bringing the dirt back to the lubricating site, exacerbating engine wear. Therefore, the oil filter element should be cleaned or replaced regularly.