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According To The Working Conditions Of Different Gear Transmission Into Which Several Categories? Oct 21, 2019

According to the working conditions of different gear transmission can b

Closed gear drive, half open gear drive, open gear drive

At high speed, under heavy load, under high torque

For example, gear drives used in automobiles, machine tools, aero-engines, etc., are housed in precisely machined and tightly enclosed boxes (casing), which are called closed gear drives (gearboxes). Compared with the open or half open type, it has the best lubrication and protection conditions, and is used in important occasions.

Open gear drive without dust cover or housing, gear completely exposed to the outside, this kind of drive not only external debris is easy to invade, and poor lubrication, so the working conditions are not good, gear teeth are easy to wear, only used for low-speed transmission.