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Advantages Of Vacuum Introduction Process: Mar 19, 2020

Advantages of vacuum introduction process:

Higher quality products: Resin infiltration reinforced materials under vacuum environment, compared with traditional hand lay-up process, there are fewer bubbles in the product;

Less resin loss: With the vacuum introduction process, the amount of resin can be accurately calculated;

Resin distribution is uniform: For a product, the pressure generated by the vacuum in different parts is consistent, so the wetting speed and content of the resin to the reinforcing material tend to be the same;

Environmental friendliness: The vacuum introduction process is a closed mold process. VOC and toxic air pollutants are all confined to the vacuum bag, which greatly improves the working environment and expands the range of available materials;

The integrity of the product is good: reinforcing ribs, sandwich structures, pipes and other embedded parts can be formed at the same time, which improves the integrity of the product.