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Agricultural Machinery Gearbox Enterprises Strengthen Marketing Strategies And Methods Jan 03, 2020

Agricultural machinery accessories are the most dynamic elements in agricultural production, the foundation of agricultural mechanization development, the support of agricultural industrialization, and the possibility of sustainable agricultural development. The agricultural machinery gearbox produced by Renqiu Changhong Machinery Fittings Factory is one of the agricultural machinery parts, providing corresponding supporting applications for various machinery in agriculture, and showing its strength in agriculture. Agricultural machinery gearboxes make the role and status of agricultural equipment more obvious and prominent, the market is rapidly heating up, and many agricultural enterprises have entered a period of stable development. As an important part of the development of agricultural modernization, the spread of agricultural machinery is being increasingly valued by the government. In 2014, the government increased its support for agricultural machinery transmission and other industries, and especially strengthened the independent brands of the transmission industry. Support, a series of related policies and strategies will be introduced.

At the same time as the total output value of agricultural machinery in China has steadily increased, the development of agricultural machinery gearboxes has become more dependent on government subsidies. From 2004 to 2013, the central government arranged a total of 96.16 billion yuan in subsidy funds, which led to a direct investment of 418.3 billion yuan by local and farmers. The primary driver of the agricultural machinery market. Large and medium-sized modern agricultural machinery is expensive and farmers have limited purchasing power. Actively promoting the reform and innovation of agricultural-related financial services will help increase farmers' purchasing power and rapidly promote the development of agricultural modernization. Agricultural machinery gearbox production enterprises are supported by government brand support policies. It is believed that production companies will go to the next level and develop more efficient agricultural machinery gearboxes to meet agricultural development.