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Air Compressor Frequent Unloading Failure Analysis And Solution Apr 01, 2020

Air compressor frequent unloading failure analysis and solution

With the development of science and technology, air compressor as an important power equipment, is widely used in machinery, metallurgy, building materials, electronic power, chemical, food, textile, and many other industrial fields.

However, the air compressor in the long run, will inevitably have a lot of trouble problems, and uninstall is one of the frequently. Frequent movement, not only make the electromagnetic valve, compressor entrance door unit

And unloading valve equipment such as shorter life span, more seriously threatening the safe operation of the unit.

The cause of the problem

The causes of frequent air compressor and uninstall what?

1) control

As is known to all, air compressor exhaust pressure is the main basis of control air compressor loading and unloading. If the difference between the two value smaller, it may cause frequent causes and unloading. When the load of the unit

Pressure value increases, unloading pressure value at the same time; Or simple loading pressure value increases, unloading pressure value will be reduced by unit and unloading cycle shorter, namely the unit under the condition of the gas constant, loading and unloading

Load pressure value, the closer, uninstall the more frequent, the greater the hidden trouble of safe operation of the equipment.

2) system

If unit discharge pressure setting is normal, can consider to compressor exit to the presence of pipe clogging occur between storage tanks. If there are blocked but not completely when partition line, compressed air flow is obstructed, choke point between the compressor and gas pressure during the compressor load is very difficult to quickly discharge, result in a very short time to uninstall pressure value and unloading. And because the choke point between export and compressor

Gas co., LTD., combined with the system loss (such as filter drainage with gas, person) and a small number of circulation to storage tanks, the pressure to quickly load value, compressor and reload, and repeat.

Specific to points, will have the following several factors:

(1) pressure controller and unloading the pressure difference between the set value is too small, it is likely to lead to frequent and unload unit.

(2) the pressure sampling tube obstruction or leakage, pressure attenuation too quickly.

(3) production time needed for the demand of the compressed air is not stable, small or large discontinuous.

(4) when the compressor unit discharge, the minimum pressure valve close time is lax.

(5) load control electromagnetic valve failure. Check the solenoid valve, may be affected by oil and gas movement caused by insensitive or coil burn out.

(6) control unit start-stop pressure sensor failure or damage.

In the above problems should be resolved in a timely manner, or it will cause damage and failure of the other related equipment.