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Basic Content Of Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Jan 09, 2020

The rotary motion of the offset impeller in the pump cavity makes the volume of the working chamber periodically change to realize the vacuum pump for pumping air. Its working room consists of a rotating liquid ring and an impeller, and its structure and working principle are similar to those of a liquid ring compressor. The suction port is connected to the evacuated container during work. If the pump cavity is filled with water, it is called a water ring vacuum pump. The water ring vacuum pump has a simple structure, easy manufacture, reliable operation, convenient use, strong durability, and can remove corrosive, dusty gas and gas-water mixtures. The temperature of the gas to be pumped is -2040 ℃. The circulating water should not contain impurities. Water ring vacuum pump's pumping speed range is 0.25 ~ 500m / h; Ultimate pressure: 8 × 10 (~ 2 × 10 (Pa) for single-pole pump, 2 × 10 (~ 1 × 10 (Pa. Water for two-stage pump). Ring vacuum pumps are mainly used in vacuum distillation, vacuum drying and pumping water.