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Basic Knowledge Required For Gear Design Nov 27, 2019

To design a gear, you must have technical knowledge of the gear as a mechanical element. This is true even when using standard gears that have been designed.

Required knowledge includes various formulas for calculating gear strength and size, knowledge of gear types and specialized vocabulary, gear ratios and rotation directions, tooth profile and tooth thickness, backlash, ISO and AGMA accuracy levels The precision assembly of gears, materials and heat treatment mainly involve hardness, lubrication in applications, how to improve issues related to noise and fracture, geometric tolerances and special geometric symbols used in mechanical drawings.

Starting with the user's level of knowledge, it is necessary to provide multiple levels of technical data in order to continuously learn more advanced knowledge about the above topics. Therefore, KHK prepared the following four data in PDF format. For knowledge that cannot be explained with four kinds of technical data, we have added separate Q & A sections, divided into manufacturing, technology and product areas. For the future, we also plan to release gear calculation software.