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Basic Of Oil-free Screw Air Compressor Nov 15, 2019

The core of the oil-free screw air compressor is the superior secondary compression unit. The rotor is finished in 20 passes, giving the rotor line an unparalleled precision and durability. High-quality bearings and precision gears are installed inside to ensure the coaxiality of the rotor and make the rotor fit accurately, thus maintaining long-term efficient and reliable operation.

Oversized anti-wear bearings can easily handle all loads to keep the mainframe running. In the critical sealing section, the anti-air leak seals are made of stainless steel, while the oil-tight seals are designed with a durable labyrinth. This set of seals not only prevents impurities in the lubricating oil from entering the rotor, but also prevents air leakage and ensures a constant supply of clean, oil-free compressed air.

In order to achieve optimum speed and optimum rotor life, another advantage of the oil-free screw compressor is that the main engine uses precision gears, and an improved lip seal is installed at the input end of the drive gear shaft to prevent oil. Leaked into the unit.

The disadvantage is that the inferior rotor coating is found to detach after a period of operation, and the rotor is exposed to the air and is exposed to airborne impurities and temperature changes. Eventually, it results in reduced operational performance and even damage to the machine.