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Classification Of Slewing Bearings And Their Application Range Nov 07, 2018

Slewing bearings, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding, it is a medium and large-sized bearings that can withstand the special structure of large axial load, radial load and overturning moment. According to their different structural forms, slewing bearings can be divided into different types. Common slewing bearings are four-point contact ball slewing bearings, double-row reducer slewing bearings, and cross-cylinder roller slewing bearings and three-row cylindrical roller slewing bearings. 

1. The four-point contact ball slewing bearing has high dynamic load capacity, and the main application is to meet the requirements of relatively high-speed machinery, such as cranes and excavators for walking work.

2, double row reducer ball slewing bearing three rows of cylindrical roller combination slewing bearing, because the bearing capacity is improved to the bearing height direction, the various loads are respectively subjected to different raceways and roller groups, so the same force Under the condition, it has the characteristics of making the host more compact, and is a high bearing capacity slewing bearing.

3. Cross-cylinder roller slewing bearings have high static load capacity, mainly used for stationary equipment during operation, and the opposite of four-point contact ball slewing bearings.

4. The three-row cylindrical roller combined slewing bearing leads the bearing capacity to the height direction of the bearing.

The above are several different types of slewing bearings, each with its own characteristics, and its use is also very different. I hope everyone can select the most suitable slewing bearing according to actual needs.