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Common Faults And Treatment Methods Of Vacuum Pump Mar 19, 2020
Failure phenomenoncause of issueApproach
Pump negativeThe water level in the vacuum pump is too high when startingStart at the specified water level (below the automatic drain valve)
Load too largeThe packing gland is too tightRelax the gland

Internal parts rustTighten the rotor and rinse with water

Increased discharge pressureCheck the exhaust pipe and valve diameter are too small

Improper adjustment of distribution screen current protectionAdjust thermal relay to current rating
Pump stuckForeign matter such as welding slag is sucked into the pump bodyClean up
Low vacuumSevere scalingDisassembly and cleaning
Insufficient water supply or high water temperatureAdjust the water supply and check whether the water supply pipeline is blocked.
System leaksCheck the tightness of the pipe connections.

The medium is corroded or the material is abraded, which increases the gap between the internal parts.Purification medium
Packing seal leakTighten packing gland
Severe internal scalingRemove scale
Parts corrosionReplacement parts
After repair, the axial clearance does not meet the requirementsReadjust axial clearance
Running soundGas flushing or jettingRetrofit injector
Abnormal soundSuction and exhaust pipe walls are too thinUse a thicker trachea

Pump cavitation under high vacuumUse lower temperature working water, or make up gas on the suction side, also can be equipped with ejector.
Large vibrationThe base is not in good contact with the foundation, and the anchor bolts are loose.Fill the base clearance with concrete and tighten the anchor bolts.
BearingMotor and pump misalignmentRe-center

Misalignment of motor and pumpRe-center

Poor lubrication, dry or too much grease.Improve lubrication conditions

Improper bearing installationReadjust bearing position

Bearing rust, abrasion, scratched racewayReplace bearing