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Construction Principle Of Dry Screw Vacuum Pump Feb 10, 2020

Dry screw vacuum pump is a vertical structure, the intake in the upper, exhaust in the middle, the lower for the motor and lubricating oil tank. The screw rotor is hollow and cantilever supporting structure. The synchronous drive gear is located under the bearing support. The variable frequency motor is connected with the active rotor through the coupling, the gas path of the pump is shorter, and the vertical structure is more favorable for removing the gas containing dust. Pump housing with water cooling, pump maintenance is also convenient.

The dry screw vacuum pump selects the appropriate simple screw tooth section, then its advantage is simple manufacturing, can ensure a high machining accuracy, and easy to balance. According to its working principle, we can clearly recognize that the dry screw vacuum pump is a high vacuum limit, consumption of power is relatively low, energy saving, maintenance and other advantages.