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Correct Installation Of Reducer Jun 03, 2020

Correct installation of reducer

Correct installation, use and maintenance of reducer is an important link to ensure the normal operation of mechanical equipment. Therefore, when you install the planetary reducer, please strictly follow the installation sequence below and assemble it carefully.

Step 1: Before installation, make sure that the motor and reducer are intact, and strictly check whether the dimensions of the parts connected to the drive motor and reducer match. This refers to the size and matching tolerance between the positioning boss and shaft diameter of the drive motor flange and the positioning groove and aperture of the reducer flange; wipe the dirt and burrs on the matching surface.

Step 2: Unscrew the plug on the process hole on the side of the reducer flange, turn the input end of the reducer to align the cap of the hexagon socket screw with the process hole, insert the hexagon socket tool to loosen the hexagon socket screw .

Step 3: Hold the drive motor so that the keyway on the shaft is perpendicular to the screw on the input end of the reducer, and insert the drive motor shaft into the input end of the reducer. When inserting, it must be ensured that the two are concentric and the two flanges are parallel. The reason must be ascertained if the mentality is inconsistent or the two flanges are not parallel. In addition, during the installation, hammering is strictly prohibited, that is, it can prevent the axial force or radial force of the hammering from damaging the bearings of both, and the fit of the two can be judged by the assembly feel. The method of judging that the two are concentric and the flange is parallel is: after the two are inserted into each other, the flange of the two is basically tight, and the gap is the same.

Step 4: In order to ensure that the flange connection between the two is evenly stressed, first screw the fastening screws of the drive motor arbitrarily, but do not tighten; then gradually tighten the four fastening screws in the diagonal position; finally tighten the reducer Tighten the screw in the input hole. Be sure to tighten the tightening screw of the drive motor before tightening the tightening screw at the input end hole of the reducer.

Note: The correct installation between the reducer and the mechanical equipment is similar to the correct installation between the reducer and the drive motor. The key is to ensure the concentricity of the output shaft of the reducer and the input shaft of the driven part.