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Daily Maintenance Of The Jack Nov 15, 2019

1. If there is a blanking phenomenon during use, first loosen the oil drain screw on the pump body, and then open the pump body vertically and turn it down a few times, then tighten the oil drain screw to continue using.

2. When using, do not add eccentric load or overload to avoid danger of damage to the jack. When there is load, it is forbidden to remove the quick connector to avoid accidents and damage to the machine.

3, is the use of oil as a medium, the oil and the maintenance of the machine must be done to avoid fouling or oil leakage, affecting the use of the effect.

4. New or long-term hydraulic jacks, because there is more air in the cylinder, when the piston is used, the piston rod may show a slight jump phenomenon. The hydraulic jack can be reciprocated 2-3 times without load to eliminate. The air inside the cavity. Long-term idle jacks, because the seals do not work for a long time, causing the seals to harden, thus affecting the service life of the hydraulic jacks. Therefore, when the hydraulic jacks are not in use, the hydraulic jacks should be reciprocated 2-3 times per month. .

5. The high pressure oil pipe is tested at 105Mpa (1050Kgf/cm2). However, because the hose is prone to aging, the user needs to check frequently, usually for six months, and frequently used for three months. When testing, use 87.5Mpa (875Kgf/cm2) for pressure test. If there is blasting, bulging, leakage, etc., it cannot be used.

6. The jack is a spring-returning structure. After lifting, it can be quickly taken out, but the connected hose cannot be used to pull the jack.

7. Because the lifting stroke of the jack is small, the user should never exceed the rated stroke when using it to avoid damage to the jack.

8. The jack should be violently vibrated during use. Not suitable for use in workplaces with acid and alkali, corrosive gases.

9. The technical specifications should be strictly observed during operation. Users should check and maintain regularly according to the use.