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Evaluation Of Magnetic Defects In Gear Defects Of Miniature Geared Motors Nov 07, 2019

Through the recent design and development in the field of gears and gearboxes, Zhaowei Electromechanical has summarized the following rules for the evaluation of the micro-reduction motor gear defects. In some cases, the quality inspection of gear carburizing and heat treatment can also be given. More specific indicators, such as for some gears, are as follows:

a) the ratio of length to width is greater than 3 times. The defect shows magnetic trace, then it is treated according to linear defect; the ratio of length to width is smaller than that of carburized layer, and the metallographic structure is tested according to JB/T6141.1-1992. The indicators are not lower than 2;

b) The carburizing quality of the gear shall be tested according to JB/T6141.2-1992; c) except for the indication that the trace is caused by external geometric factors or improper operation, other display marks greater than or equal to 0.5mm shall be regarded as the defect magnetic Trace treatment

d) The carbon content of the gear carburized surface is 0.85%~1%, and is determined according to the method specified in JB/T6141.4-1992;

e) Gear carburized metallographic structure shall be tested according to JB/T6141.3-1992, and all indicators shall not be lower than level 2;

When drafting gear technical requirements, pay attention to the full year number quoted; because the current update and replacement are very fast, the full year number can be used to check for unnecessary disputes.