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Four Major Considerations For Reducer Structure Design Apr 28, 2020

Four major considerations for reducer structure design

The reducer is a separate deceleration component between the prime mover and the working machine. It is generally made as a closed transmission device. The transmission parts, shafts, and bearings are installed in a cast iron or welded box. .

There are many types of reducers, such as involute cylindrical gear reducer, double arc cylindrical gear reducer, cycloid pin gear reducer, NGW planetary gear reducer, three-ring reducer, arc cylindrical worm reducer, etc. Standard reducers should be selected first in the design to facilitate design, manufacturing, repair and replacement.

When the applicable standard reducer cannot be selected, a special reducer is designed. The main issues that should be considered in the design are: transmission type, transmission arrangement, transmission parameter design, transmission parts, support parts and box design, Lubrication and sealing design and heat dissipation, etc. You can also optimize the design to improve the design quality.

Because of the continuous improvement of hard-toothed gears and the design and manufacturing technology, the same power and reduction ratio are transmitted, and the size of the reducer is continuously reduced, so the heat dissipation problem is becoming more and more prominent.

For the design of reducer structure, this book reminds you to pay attention to the following issues:

1) Overall design and selection of reducer.

2) Reasonable design of non-standard reducer.

3) Reducer box design.

4) Reducer lubrication and heat dissipation.