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Gearbox Maintenance Method Apr 11, 2020

More and more cars are equipped with automatic transmissions. With the automatic gearbox, people can complete the driving of the car between one foot throttle and one foot brake, which is very easy. If the owner usually ignores the maintenance of the automatic transmission, the delicate automatic transmission is prone to failure.

The easiest thing that car owners usually ignore is the correct selection and replacement of automatic transmission fluid on time. In addition to the usual correct driving, the key to maintenance is the correct "oil change". It should be noted that the automatic transmission oil (ATF) specified by the manufacturer must be used, otherwise the automatic transmission will be abnormally worn. Changing the automatic transmission fluid cannot be done in roadside shops or car beauty shops because this operation is very strict. There are two major series of automatic transmissions in the world. Two series of standard automatic transmission fluids are used. The two cannot be interchanged and mixed, otherwise the automatic transmission will be damaged. Therefore, to replace the automatic transmission fluid, the owner must go to a special repair shop or a professional automatic transmission repair shop.

Under normal circumstances, the automatic transmission vehicle should be cleaned and maintained every 20,000 kilometers to 25,000 kilometers, or when the gearbox slips, the water temperature is high, the gear shift is slow, and the system leaks.


1. Grasp the cycle of changing the automatic transmission oil.

The internal control mechanism of the automatic transmission is very precise and the clearance is small, so the oil change interval of most automatic transmissions is generally two years or 40,000 to 60,000 kilometers. In the process of normal use, the working temperature of the transmission oil is generally around 120 degrees Celsius, so the quality of the oil is very high, and it must be kept clean. Secondly, when the transmission oil is used for a long period of time, it will produce greasy dirt, which may form oil sludge, which will increase the wear of various friction plates and components, and also affect the system oil pressure, which will affect the power transmission. Third, the sludge in the dirty oil will make the movement of the valve body in each valve body difficult, and the oil pressure control will be affected, which will make the automatic transmission abnormal. Always check.

2. Replace the transmission fluid correctly.

A better method of oil change is dynamic oil change. Special gearbox cleaning equipment is used. During the operation of the gearbox, the old oil is fully circulated, and the new gearbox oil is added after the drain is clean, so that the oil change rate is as high as Above 90, to ensure a good oil change effect.

3. Whether the oil level of the automatic transmission is normal.

The method of checking the automatic transmission oil is different from the engine oil. The engine oil is checked under cold conditions, and the transmission oil needs to preheat the oil to about 50 ℃, and then the gear lever stays in each gear for 2 seconds After being placed in the parking block, the normal oil level of the dipstick should be between the highest and the lowest line. If it is not enough, the same quality oil should be added in time.