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How Does The Synchronizer In A Car Gearbox Work Mar 07, 2020

How does the synchronizer in a car gearbox work

The synchronizer in the transmission is usually used for the tooth-sleeve or tooth-sleeve joint of the frequently gnashing gears. It enables a pair of gears to have the same speed before joining, which can reduce the impact of the tooth-sleeve. Synchronizer is to use a set of metal friction cone and a set of gear meshing sleeve to make the transmission second shaft gear and drive gear (the first shaft driving gear) and second shaft four, three gear. Because the cone is joined first, the driving part and the driven part can reach the same speed, and then the set teeth and the set teeth to cover, reducing impact wear. The synchronizer ACTS as a synchronous sleeve during the driver's continuous action of stepping down the clutch to move the gear lever. The various synchronizers used in automobile transmission are slightly different in structure and design, but the principle is the same