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How Is The Effect Of Agricultural Gearbox? Jan 03, 2020

How is the effect of agricultural gearbox?

You can feel a nearly step-like speed flying height when you start to skid. Because DCT is a hydraulic torque converter, DCT has made significant progress. It must be equipped with a more accurate torque input engine, and it has less tolerance for torque errors. Some DCT gearboxes are actually very hopeful, but the engine is not powerful, and there will be a "feel of instability".

Maintenance method: 1. Control the cycle of replacing automatic transmission oil. The internal control mechanism of the automatic transmission is very instrumental. Due to the small clearance, the oil change interval of most automatic transmissions is generally two years or 40,000 to 60,000 kilometers. In the process of normal use, the working temperature of transmission oil is generally around 120 degrees Celsius, so the quality of the oil is rejected very high, and it must be kept clean. 2. Replace the transmission oil properly. The better oil change method is dynamic oil change. Use special gearbox cleaning equipment. During the operation of the gearbox, fully circulate the old oil, and re-add the new gearbox oil after the exhaust gas is clean, so that the oil change rate Up to 90 or more, to ensure a good oil change effect. 3. Whether the automatic transmission oil level is normal. The inspection method of the automatic transmission oil is different from the engine oil. The engine oil is checked in a cold state, and the transmission oil must be pressurized to about 50 ° C, and then the gear lever is left in each gear for 2 seconds. Put the driving gear at the rear. At this time, the normal oil level of the dipstick should be between the lowest and lower line. If it is too high, it should be added to the same quality oil in time.