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How The Gearbox Works Nov 07, 2019

The gearbox can change the gear ratio, direction of rotation (such as reverse gear) and set neutral. There are many kinds of structures, and there are many kinds of principles: the automobile gearbox is divided into manual and automatic; it is also divided into gear type and electric type; it is also divided into stepped speed change and stepless speed change. The manual transmission produces variable speed torque through different gear combinations; the automatic transmission consists of a hydraulic torque converter, planetary gears and a hydraulic control system that achieves variable speed torque through a combination of hydraulic transmission and gear combination. 1. The stepped transmission has several fixed gear ratios by replacing gear sets of different diameters. A fixed shaft transmission and a planetary gear transmission. 2. The transmission ratio of the continuously variable transmission can be changed in an infinite number of stages within a certain range, and there are two types of electric type and hydraulic type (moving liquid type). The variable speed transmission component of the electric continuously variable transmission is a DC series motor, and the transmission component of the hydrodynamic continuously variable transmission is a torque converter. 3. The integrated transmission refers to a hydraulic mechanical transmission (hand-in-one) consisting of a torque converter and a gear-type stepped transmission.