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How To Choose Air Compressor In Food Industry Jul 13, 2020

  When choosing an air compressor for food processing, oil-free air compressors are mostly used, and they are also screw-type, in order to ensure product quality. So many people here will ask, can the quality of the product be guaranteed by choosing an air compressor that is not oil-free? Because the air compressor used in the food industry needs to meet the characteristics of low noise and the environment needs to be clean, the oil-free screw air compressor is a model commonly used in the food industry.

  The application in this industry illustrates this point, the application mode of the pneumatic device. The compressed gas with some pressure discharged from it is used to promote the operation of the subsequent equipment. At this time, the compressed gas generally does not directly contact with food, so the quality of compressed gas is not very high.

   For such applications, the discharge pressure of compressed gas is about 0.06mpa, and the gas consumption is generally based on the size of the processing scale. The mode of the air source device uses oil-free screw air compressors to continuously provide clean compressed gas that directly contacts the food directly. The so-called indirect contact means that the compressed air is not in direct contact with food and beverages, but is in contact with foods or beverages through other media, such as cleaning of cans, beverage bottles, and filling of beverages.

  Although it is said that there is no direct contact with food at this time, the quality of compressed gas is also very high. The discharge pressure of compressed gas is about 0.5-0.6mpa. Through these two applications, it is proved that the use of oil-free screw air compressors in the food industry has the characteristics of convenience, low noise, simple maintenance and application.