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How To Lubricate The Reducer Gear Oct 14, 2019

How to smooth the reducer gear. On the reducer smooth, for the reducer maintenance is also a very important link. Open type and half open type gear reducer drive, or the speed of the lower closed gear drive, the general human operation of periodic lubrication smooth, smooth agent for smooth oil or smooth grease. Speed reducer smooth also has its own conditions, for different speed reducer smooth conditions are different. Below to see how the Shanghai transmission reduction gear is smooth gear reduction.

When the peripheral speed of the gear of the reducer is > 12m/S, the oil injection should be smooth, that is, the oil is supplied by the oil pump or the central oil supply station at a certain pressure, and the smooth oil is sprayed to the bite surface of the gear tooth by the nozzle. When v≤25m/s, the nozzle is located at the biting edge or the whistle edge. When v>25m/s, the nozzle should be located on the side of the teeth, so as to cool the newly meshed teeth in time with the smooth oil and smooth the teeth together.

Universal closed gear reducer drive, the method of smoothing according to the circumferential speed of the gear. When the circumferential speed of the gear V < 12m/s, the gear tooth of the big gear is often immersed in the oil ground to make it smooth. In this way, the gear in the transmission, the smooth oil to engage the tooth surface, together with the oil will be thrown to the box wall, so as to heat. The depth of the gear immersed in oil is determined by the circumferential speed of the gear. For cylindrical gears, it is generally not more than one tooth height, but it should not be less than 10mm. Bevel gears should be immersed in the full tooth width, at least half of the tooth width should be immersed. In a multistage gear drive, oil may be brought to the tooth surface of the gear not immersed in the oil ground by an oil tanker.

The amount of oil in the oil pool depends on the amount of power transmitted by the gear. For single-stage transmission, the amount of oil required for each Ikw power transmission is about 0.35~0.7Lo. For multi-stage transmission, the amount of oil required is multiplied by the series.

How to lubricate the reducer gear