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How To Solve The Slewing Bearing If There Is A Fault Nov 07, 2018

The slewing bearing can withstand large loads of combined loads and can withstand relatively large axial and radial loads. The slewing ring is also known as a rotating support. It is widely used in industry, and it needs to make relative rotary motion between two objects. With the continuous development of slewing bearings in China, it has applications in many industries.

If the slewing ring is used for a long time, there will be such a fault. This is the limit of the quality of the accident. There are many reasons for such problems. If you do not pay attention to the lubrication, there will be external foreign matter intrusion. If it is not cleaned in time, go on for a long time. The shaft and outer casing of the slewing bearing will have a certain influence, so pay special attention during use.

If you can't find the cause of the damage by using the slewing ring, you must carefully check it during use. If you choose the lubricating oil, you need to select it according to the model. This can effectively prevent the surface bearing from being damaged. Slewing bearing damage roller bearing ribs are prone to jamming, and insufficient lubricant can cause problems. If the error in the installation of the slewing ring is large and the deflection of the shaft is too large, problems may occur.

If there is a problem with the slewing bearing, first find out the cause of the fault and take the correct method in time to recover the bearing in the shortest time. In addition, the service life of the slewing bearing is limited, and the service life can be extended by selecting a suitable method for maintenance. Therefore, pay attention to the choice of lubricants when using, but also to avoid foreign matter.