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How To Start The Vacuum Pump Nov 07, 2018

1. Check that the valves of the vacuum pump system are in the pre-start position. Each pressure gauge, relay, and water level gauge is opened, the separator and the bottom of the vacuum pump are closed, the water supply (condensation) is opened, the water supply bypass is closed, and the plate heat exchanger is opened and closed.

2. Contact the electric pump to send the vacuum pump unit control box power supply and vacuum pump motor power supply.

3. Inject the working water into the vacuum pump system. When the working water level rises to the highest value of the liquid level meter, the water supply solenoid valve will automatically close and stop the water supply.

4. Start the sealed water pump and check that the sealing water pressure is about 0.07MPa (gauge pressure). The sealed water pump runs normally and the water level of the separator is normal.

5. Start the vacuum pump, check that the vacuum pump is running normally, the shaft end packing should have a small amount of water drops, and the packing does not heat up.

6. When the vacuum of the inlet of the vacuum pump reaches the specified value, the inlet butterfly valve of the vacuum pump is automatically opened and the vacuum of the condenser is started.