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How To Use The Jack Dec 05, 2019

The precautions for using the jack are as follows:

1. Flat and strong horizontal road. Flat and strong roads are the basis for subsequent operations, because if uneven vehicles are lifted, it is easy to cause displacement due to accidents. In addition, if the road surface is loose soil or sand, it is necessary to place harder and flat wooden boards, bricks, etc. under the jack to improve the bearing capacity of the road surface, otherwise the jack will easily fall.

2. Fixed vehicles. The automatic transmission can directly pull the handbrake to the P position. In addition to the manual brake, you must remember to put the gear in the first position or reverse. Because the manual brake can only fix the rear wheels, the front gear can be fixed by the engine brake.

3. Place a tripod 50 meters away from the car (150 meters high speed).

4. Find the support point of the chassis. This is also very important. Every vehicle has special support points. Generally, the sides of the chassis of the vehicle are close to the wheels. The jacking parts must be supported on the chassis support points, otherwise the vehicle will be unstable and easy. Damage to the jack and car chassis.