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Installation Site Selection Mar 26, 2020

Installation site selection

1. When installing the air compressor, it must be wide and well-lit, to facilitate operation and maintenance.

2. The relative humidity of the air should be low, with little dust, clean and well ventilated, away from flammable and explosive, corrosive chemicals and harmful and unsafe items, and avoid close to the place that emits dust.

3. When the air compressor is installed, the ambient temperature in the installation site should be higher than 5 degrees in winter and lower than 40 degrees in summer, because the higher the ambient temperature, the higher the air compressor discharge temperature, which will affect the performance of the compressor. At the time of installation, ventilation or cooling devices should be installed at the installation site.

4. If the factory environment is poor and dusty, pre-filter equipment must be installed.

5. The air compressor unit should be arranged in a single row in the air compressor installation site.

6. Reserve access, those who have the conditions can install overhead cranes to facilitate maintenance of air compressor equipment.

7. Reserve maintenance space. The distance between the air compressor and the wall must be at least 70 cm.

8. The distance between the air compressor and the top space is at least one meter.