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Micro Oil Screw Air Compressor Nov 12, 2019

The micro-oil screw air compressor is an indispensable air compressor for the plastic products industry such as blown film and hollow.

(1) Filtration, enter the multi-function intake control valve.

(2) Then the clean air enters the rotor driven by the motor for compression. Precise control of a certain amount of cooled compressor oil is continuously injected into the screw. The heat generated by the compression is taken away during the compression process. A small fit clearance between the two opposing rotating screws and the rotor chamber is sealed. It also serves to lubricate the rotor bearings.

After the compression is completed, the oil-containing air is discharged from the handpiece (4). The -flange connection directly enters the bedroom oil and gas pre-separation vessel (5) without any pressure loss. In this case, the compressed air is buffered and the speed is rapidly reduced. The oil in the compressed air is precipitated and separated due to the action of gravity and the speed. After the separated compressed air passes through the screw-in fine oil separator (6), the oil content in the compressed air is only 1-3 mg/m3. The separated compressed air is cooled by a minimum pressure check valve (7) to an air cooler (9).

The cooled compressed air enters the gas system through a shut-off valve.

The oil separates and settles in the pre-separation vessel, and the oil foam is rapidly reduced and sent to the enlarged oil cooler (8). The filtered, cooled oil is re-injected into the head. The oil is filtered through the oil filter (10) and recycled without contaminating the system.

The thermostatic valve (11) ensures that all screw air compressors operate at optimum temperatures for all operating phases.