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SMR-D5 Shaft Mounted Helical Gear Reducer Jan 03, 2020

SMR-D5 shaft mounted helical gear reducer

Output hollow shaft standard and optional metric hollow shaft bore diameter are suitable for ISO standard shaft diameter size. High-precision gear computer design helical gear, high-strength alloy steel material, carburizing quenching, tooth grinding process (partial intermediate shaft shaving process), Involute tooth shape modification, in accordance with ISO1328-1997 standard, transmission efficiency of each gear is as high as 98%, transmission is stable, low noise. Processing, positioning pin accurate positioning, to ensure the smooth meshing of the gear. High-strength alloy steel input gear shaft. High-strength alloy steel, hardened, bearing gear, oil seal gear, precision grinding of the input shaft outer circle, can withstand the maximum radial load and torque. Long input keyway design, can withstand large impacts, fully meet ISO standards .

Additional box support angles (excluding H, J) support the torsion arm bolts to prevent the bolts from being overtightened and pulling the box. Control the installation position of standard torsion arms within the recommended range.

Backstop optional accessories, used under the conditions where the reducer cannot be reversed (only for 13: 1 and 20: 1 reducers, 5: 1 reducers are not recommended) .Bearings and oil sealsAll bearings meet ISO Standard oil seals are skeleton double-lip oil seals.

Seal the middle gear shaft hole with rubber oil seal cap, ISO standard hole size.

Torque arm attachments Torque arm is used to install and adjust the space position of the reducer and the tightness of the belt