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The Advantages Of Belt Pulley Transmission Apr 01, 2020

The advantages of belt pulley transmission

Belt wheel transmission has the advantages of: pulley drive can mitigate impact load; Pulley drive smooth operation, low noise, low vibration; The structure of pulley drive is simple, easy to adjust; Pulley drive pulley for manufacturing and installation accuracy, unlike meshing transmission strictly; Pulley drive has the function of overload protection; Two pulley drive shaft center distance adjustment range is larger. Belt drive faults are: pulley drive elastic sliding and sliding, transmission efficiency is low and can't maintain accurate transmission ratio; Pulley drive transmission of the same size of circumferential force, outline dimensions and axis pressure is greater than meshing transmission; The short life of pulley drive belt. All kinds of mechanical equipment such as the diameter of the pulley size is pulley. According to slow down the match, according to the working speed and the speed of the motor design. Work speed/motor speed driving wheel diameter/driven wheel diameter * 0.98 = (sliding coefficient), such as using steel belt pulley for materials, for linear velocity is not higher than 40 m/s, such as the use of cast iron material, require linear velocity is not higher than 35 m/s, motor speed and pulley diameter conversion ratio, speed ratio = output rotational speed, input speed = load pulley pitch diameter, pitch circle diameter of the motor pulley. Pitch diameter and benchmark is the same diameter, diameter - 2 h = pitch diameter, h is on the line groove depth, different models of V belt h is not the same, A B C D E, Y, Z line groove depth respectively in 2 h = 1.6 2.75 3.5 4.8 8.1 9.6. Pulley pitch diameter is pulley diameter section line theory, a bit like gear pitch circle diameter. Generally expressed in PD, cylindrical generally expressed in OD. Different type slot pitch circle and cylindrical conversion formula is different, generally we tend to measure to the pulley cylindrical, in according to the formula to calculate the pitch circle. SPZ: OD = PD + 4; SPA: OD = PD + 5.5; .spb: OD = PD + 7; SPC: OD = PD + 9.6. A or SPA pulley minimum outer diameter size of 80 mm, if less than the size, especially in the case of high speed, belt prone to delamination and cracks on the bottom of the problem. SPZ belt, small round of not less than 63 mm. The belt should be paid more attention to the installation technique and tension, is too small easy to slip, too easy to damage the belt and bearing.