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The Basic Data For Electric Motors Apr 01, 2020

The basic data for electric motors

The benefits of direct current Motor (DC Motor) is simpler in terms of speed, only the control voltage size can control the rotation speed, but this kind of Motor is unfavorable in operating conditions such as high temperature, flammable, and due to the need to carbon brush Motor (am) as current converter parts (brush Motor), so need to regular cleaning brush friction generated by dirt. No carbon brush motor is called the brushless motor, relative to the brush, brushless motor because of less carbon brush and shaft friction so more save electricity and quieter. Production difficulty is higher, the price also is higher. AC Motor (AC Motor), on the other hand, works under high temperature, flammable, and need not regular cleaning of carbon brush dirt, but in the speed is more difficult, because the control of AC Motor speed to control the frequency of the alternating current (or the use of induction motors, with increased internal resistance decreased under the same the frequency of the alternating current Motor speed), the control of the voltage will only affect the torque of the Motor. General civil motor voltage of 110 v and 220 v two kinds, such as in industrial applications and 380 v or 440 v type.